Our Shared Hosting Services provide everything required to make a Website running successfully and be a solid foundation for your Business.

All our Hosting Plans are well calculated, so we are confident to grant unrestricted Bandwidth.
We also do not restrict in any way your disk space usage, nor do we enforce specific Inode limits on our users.
Launching an online store, starting a blog, or establishing an online presence for your Business - our Web Hosting Services are the ideal choice.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Plans are much cheaper compared to Virtual Private Server (VPS) which means that even websites for personal blogging and small businesses can afford it.

  • The administration and maintenance of the server is maintained by the Operator
  • MySQL and PHP support
  • User friendly control panel
  • Easy one click installs


  • Dedicated Resources - VPS hosting provides you with more disk space, CPU and RAM
  • Independent FTP, POP access and Root Access. Root access will grant you with complete control over your VPS account from configurations to software installations
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • Your VPS package comes with a control panel to help you manage tasks such as starting and stopping services, add users, domains, request new IP address, and perform backup
  • Better security - you will be completely isolated from other users of the system
  • Price – A virtual private server can provide you with all the benefits of having your own server but significantly reduce your costs

Dedicated Server

  • An entire server dedicated to your use only
  • Next step up from Virtual Private Server
  • Full control of the server, software and customization
  • High level of security and stability
  • Greater flexibility than Virtual Private Server
  • No limit on the number of websites you can have
  • Ideal for high volume websites with heavy traffic & sites with RAM-intensive applications

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